MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR and ART DIRECTOR contributing creativity to CLIENTS such as CALVIN KLEIN, FALKE, HINTMAG.COM as well as several PRINT MAGAZINES including BRAND EINS, GQ ITALY, KID´S WEAR, LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE. Also, check out her NON-COMMERCIAL WORK. Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. CONTACT

Wien ist in Köln am schönsten. –Helmut Qualtinger

LIDO MALKASTEN / Bar/Wine/Menu Cards 2017


Malkasten, Bistro and Hafen

Eat Green-Pump up the Volume

Bar/Wine/Menu Designs Lido Restaurant Malkasten Düsseldorf

Idea and Concept: R.Wild
Layout: Beate Steil
Artwork/Illustration: Manu Burghart
Print and Production: Jens Nothelle

More Infos:

Weeping sugarcubes, jumping saladgreens
and sunbathing strawberries, flirting rasperries all sorts of menu items or food drawings inspired the Owner of               Lido Restaurants, Mr.Wild to use my
Illustrations for the Menu Designs in        one of the most beautifull Locations in Düsseldorf.

I enjoyed doing them!


Winecard/Foodmenu/Barcard/Payment Booklet

Winecard Cover
Winecard Cover Detail
Winecard Detail
Winecard Detail
Barcard Cover
Barcard Inside Cover Illustration and Gardenview History of Malkasten
Menucard Inside Cover Illustration Detail
Menucard History of Malkasten Gardenview and left side Illustration
Menucard Wine Section
Menucard ABC of Malkasten
Menucard Philosophy
Menucard Food Detail
Eat until the Cows come home in LIDOS 3 Locations!
Mr. Daikon-Hi from Japan!
Menucard Food Cover on Tablesetting in Restaurant Malkasten
Payment Booklet front Cover Mr.Grape Illustration
Payment Booklet Inside
Payment Booklet back - Celebration Illustration