MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR and ART DIRECTOR who´s CLIENTS include CALVIN KLEIN, FALKE, HINTMAG.COM. Her work has appeared in several PRINT MAGAZINES including BRAND EINS, GQ ITALY, KID´S WEAR, LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE. Also, check out her NON-COMMERCIAL WORK. Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. CONTACT

Wien ist in Köln am schönsten. –Helmut Qualtinger

Mind The Future II / Thinktank



Brochures in Canvas Box

Illustration: Manu Burghart
Title: Mind The Future Thinktank
Client: Sarasin Bank Zürich
Concept/Idea: Stephan Sigrist
Agency/Layout: Glamour Engineering 
Publisher: ETH Zürich/Sarasin Bank
Neue Züricher Zeitung NZZ Verlag
Publishing Date: September 2008

For 7 Brochures in a Box+Special Edition Box Set german/englisch, 
216 Pages Englisch and 80 Single Cards each illustrated
Printcolors: Neonorange, Neongreen, Brightblue, Lilac and Metallic Silver. 
Metallic Copper
ISBN 978-3-03823-488-3 

While Trendscouts with new upcoming Headlines and Publications try to find Explanation Models for Future Developements, the Focus in this Publication lies within Reduction and an Essential Focus Point in Macro Trends in our Society. Demography, Economy, Politics and Ecology.Next to the Explanation of the most important Aspects of each Theme, the Focus lies in Integration of Developing Tendencies as Trends and Anti Trends. One Overview Graphic as well as 10 Theses open up to a further Access of the World in the next 20 years.  

Published by W.I.R.E. [Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise] Think Tank of Bank Sarasin and  Collegium Helveticum  ETH and University of Zürich







Single Cards

various Themes/one color

Personalised Medicine Card
Intelligent Machines Card
Evolution Card
Nature Design Card
Nano Design Card
Things That Think Card
The Golden Age of Biology Card