MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR and ART DIRECTOR who´s CLIENTS include CALVIN KLEIN, FALKE, HINTMAG.COM. Her work has appeared in several PRINT MAGAZINES including BRAND EINS, GQ ITALY, KID´S WEAR, LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE. Also, check out her NON-COMMERCIAL WORK. Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. CONTACT

Wien ist in Köln am schönsten. –Helmut Qualtinger



by Merlin Bauer and Owen Gump

Photo: Jan Höhe

Concept and Realistation: Merlin Bauer
Artwork/Collage: Manu Burghart
Research/Photography: Owen Gump
Float: Herbert Labusga/Hermann Clysters

In tradition of the celebrated Cologne Carnival, this Rosenmontagswagen was built to express the anger of Cologne based Artists/Citizens against the demolition 
of another characteristic Building - by Architect Riphahn - Schauspielhaus Köln

The Float was presented on February 5th 
at Kölnischer Kunstverein. It was also featured in the Rosenmontagszug and
won the frist Price!

A specifically produced Carnival song has been played throughout the Season.

For further Information, Press, and Carnival song at

For filling out the Protest Form


Konstantin Adamopoulos, Text
Merlin Bauer, Concept/Organisation
Peter Pedacci, Webprogramming
Owen Gump, Research and Photography
Tobias Hahn, Graphic Assistance
David Gödel, Graphic Assistance
Jan Höhe, Videodocumentation
Daniela Johannsenova, Knitting (Scarf)
Jörg Jung, Organisation/Press
Jörg Leeser, CAD
Veit Landwehr, Fotodocumentary
Tom May, Videodocumentation
Andreas Schilling, Sound
Thomas Schilling, Text/Sound
Loy Wesselburg, Sound
Marcus Schmickler, Sound

Demonstration Schauspielhaus/Art Cologne 2010

February 5/April 21 2010

At Art Cologne Art Fair 2010 (Photo: Jan Höhe)
Details of Collage (Photo: Jan Höhe)
Offenbachplatz Schauspielhaus (Photo: Veit Landwehr)
Demonstration Crowd (Photo: Veit Landwehr)
Collage Manu Burghart
backside View of Collage (Photo: Jan Höhe)
side View Collage ((Photo: Jan Höhe)
above View, Egg (Photo: Jan Höhe)
at Hahnenstrasse (Photo: Jan Höhe)
Carnivals Society Schnüsse Tring 1901 E.V (Photo:Manu Burghart)
Carnivals Society Schnüsse Tring 1901 E.V (Photo:Manu Burghart)
Demonstrators including Mr. Kuckelkorn ((Photo:Manu Burghart)
Koelner Stadtanzeiger/Press
Feuilleton FAZ/Press
Kölner Bote Poster (Photo: Owen Gump)