MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR & ART DIRECTOR who's CLIENTS include FASHION and DESIGN COMPANIES like FALKE, THOMAS RATH and NYC's HINTMAG.COM. Her work has appeared in several PRINT MAGAZINES - she contributes regulary to BRAND EINS, Economy Magazine, GQ ITALY,  KID´S WEAR,  LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE.Corporate Design & (Re)-Branding as well as her NON-COMMERCIAL ARTWORK & COLLABORATIONS
Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. For further Information please CONTACT

I prefer drawing to talking.Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies. Le Corbusier

Viva Clip Creator / Clip Title Inserts

Clip Title Inserts

Various Templates

Viva Music Television
launched 2004
Format Name: Clip Title Inserts
Interactive Platform for Users to Insert Photos, send Messages.
User Chooses Buttons; Styles, Sounds, Patches via Internet.

Client: Viva Medien AG
Creative Director: Frank Koriath
Sounddirector: Marcus Schmickler
Design Concept/Production:
Manu Burghart
Animation: Jan Höhe/Beny Zurek



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