MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR & ART DIRECTOR who's CLIENTS include FASHION and DESIGN COMPANIES like FALKE, THOMAS RATH and NYC's HINTMAG.COM. Her work has appeared in several PRINT MAGAZINES - she contributes regulary to BRAND EINS, Economy Magazine, GQ ITALY,  KID´S WEAR,  LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE.Corporate Design & (Re)-Branding as well as her NON-COMMERCIAL ARTWORK & COLLABORATIONS
Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. For further Information please CONTACT

I prefer drawing to talking.Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies. Le Corbusier

THOMAS RATH est.2010 / Fashion CI

Thomas Rath Semi Couture


Client: Thomas Rath S.C.S
Corporate Identity: Manu Burghart
Production/Garments: Agency Rauner Textiles

Developement of entire Corporate Identity
for Thomas Rath S.C.S Semi Couture Label
Established 2010 based in Düsseldorf.

Logo Design inclusive Symbol and Dots

Furthermore long term Print Developements for Thomas Rath Signature Style - he is well known in Business or his distinctive Style and Love to Details for his Womens Semi Couture Line and the Ladies love it as much as the german Fashion Industry.

Prints for Fabrics, Blouses, Silk Scarfs and Allovers Produced by Antje Rauner Textiles. 



Corporate Identity

Stationary & Print Products as well as Garment Prints

Compliment Card
Business Card front
Business Card back