MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR and ART DIRECTOR contributing creativity to CLIENTS such as CALVIN KLEIN, FALKE, HINTMAG.COM as well as several PRINT MAGAZINES including BRAND EINS, GQ ITALY, KID´S WEAR, LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE. Also, check out her NON-COMMERCIAL WORK. Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. CONTACT

Wien ist in Köln am schönsten. –Helmut Qualtinger

Globalisation Column / 2000 - 2003

Globalisation Column

2000 - 2003

Cover: Meiré und Meiré

Illustration: Manu Burghart
Client: Brand Eins Magazine
Layout Design: Meiré und Meiré
Publisher: Brand Eins Medien AG
Publishing Date: September 2000 - 2003

Brand Eins Magazine is a monthly published Economy Magazine based in Hamburg/Germany. Published since 1999.

"The Globalisation Column" 2000 - 2003. Articles about Chinese Workers in Northern Italy to Sri Lancian Beauty Advertising or Japanese Amusement Parcs this Themes focused on mostly international Issues and interesting Trends in our Society.





Plastic Surgery
DJ Bobo
Japanese Amusement Parc
Art Now
Australian Outback
Advertising in Sri Lanka
Japanese Secretaries
Internet Sex
Breast Surgery
DJ Bobo II
Art Buying