MANU BURGHART is an ILLUSTRATOR & ART DIRECTOR who's CLIENTS include FASHION and DESIGN COMPANIES like FALKE, THOMAS RATH and NYC's HINTMAG.COM. Her work has appeared in several PRINT MAGAZINES - she contributes regulary to BRAND EINS, Economy Magazine, GQ ITALY,  KID´S WEAR,  LACANIAN INK, and VERY MAGAZINE.Corporate Design & (Re)-Branding as well as her NON-COMMERCIAL ARTWORK & COLLABORATIONS
Manu lives and works in Cologne, Germany. For further Information please CONTACT

I prefer drawing to talking.Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies. Le Corbusier

ANNIVERSARY 2005-2015 /


2005-2015 Anniversary Project

Installation View Pavillion

Liebe Deine Stadt 2005 - 2015
A Project by Merlin Bauer

10 years Anniversary with a Pavillion designed by BEL Architects/Cologne

Booklet Release in english and german, Posters and 3 Multiples as well as further Editions

Product Illustrations/ 3D and 2D View
Layout Posters/Package Design:
Manu Burghart


Further Informations:


Product Illustration

Liebe deine Stadt

Detail Pavillion with Multiple
Booklet in German and English language
1) POSTER Frustration
Edition Frustration
2) POSTER Comfort
Edition Comfort
Edition Comfort
3) POSTER Hope
Edition Hope
Edition Hope Package
LDS ECO Cottonbag